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This advanced, stimulant free, liquid, synergistic fat-weight loss formula is specially formulated to help you lose weight. The VPOWERSHOT is comprised of diverse sources of concentrated, all-natural plant nutrients (phytochemicals), vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The shot is created and manufactured in GMP, FDA registered and NSF certified facilities in the U.S.A. Each and every natural ingredient is disclosed, and no fillers or additives have been added.

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You might ask, “Why a weight loss drink and not a pill?” I am glad you asked. Liquid supplements are more easily absorbed by the body than pills or capsules because from the moment liquids enter the body, they begin to break down for absorption and use. Supplements in pill and capsule form must travel all the way down to the stomach to be broken down for use, and even then, only approximately 20% of the nutrients are actually absorbed. On the other hand, liquid supplements have a 95% to 98% absorption rate—a significant and important difference! Therefore, with the VPOWERSHOT, your body absorbs nearly all of the nutrients. Plus, taking pills once or twice each day can be a hassle, not to mention their “horse pill” like size. This is why the VPOWERSHOT comes in a quick, easy, natural, hassle-free drinkable shot for an easier and more effective way to meet your bodys’ health and weight loss needs.

The VPOWERSHOT is extremely powerful and very effective because all natural ingredients in this formula work individually. However, when combined in a harmonious way into the VPOWERSHOT formula, these ingredients work better and faster to help speed up your metabolism, suppress your appetite, block fat and carbohydrate intake, burn calories and detoxify your body, allowing you to start losing weight almost immediately.

Although it is always best to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, many people simply do not have the time, energy or means. Regardless of your lifestyle, the VPOWERSHOT can help you achieve your healthy weight loss goals.

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